Stock walk Set up and preview: Importing Sigma stock and stock take values into Easy Accounts.

1. Go to Manage and Set up

2. Click on Stockwalk Import

3. Click on Add Stock Walk

4. Set Up your Stock Walk

Anything that is under Unallocated should be allocated by using the arrows

Include in Stock Walk Report (first column on right) – this will pull from Sigma

Service Departments in Stock Walk Report (middle column on the right) – you will manually fill in these figures when you process the stock walk

Exclude from Stock Walk Report (last column on the right) – this will be excluded from the stock walk

• You can move departments around as necessary and Update

• Choose Actual or Nominal (Theoretical Value)

• Choose Month (you need to run month per month)

• Choose the last day of the month

• Process

Once you have done the Set up for the Stock Walk, you will be able to Preview it before importing.

Choose the file that was created and click on Preview.

The following screen will appear – Each Department will have a tab showing the total per sub-department and per department at the bottom.

You will be able to make adjustments if some of the values are incorrect.

If you amend the department or sub department – the amended value will import.

If you are satisfied with the Stock walk, you can click on Save, and click on Import.

This function allows you to change the values if necessary and also allows you to see what the total values are before importing.

(Take note: There is an Audit trail if someone changes and requested changes on the Stock Walk.)

This function should be used monthly as part of the Monthly tasks.

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